Walther P99

As handguns go, the Walther P99 is something of an odd duck - the magazine release is strangely placed for those of us accustomed to a thumb button (or a European heel-mounted catch) the multi-stage trigger is awkward if you shoot a double-action or striker pistol, magazines are nowhere near as common as those of the competition, and the earlier models employ a proprietary rail for which adapters or accessories are few and far between.

By accounts those three hitches would knock a pistol out of the running as a serious carry/zombie/match gun.  The saving grace of the P99, however, is in the grip.  In all the handguns I've picked up over the years, none sits half as comfortable as Walther's little pistol that could.  Close your fingers around it and the P99 feels like it was poured in place.

Not owning one personally, I also think they look neat.  Sort of that business/classy look that the Germans pull off with such aplomb.

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