Beretta M9

Retroactively posted over the complaints of my lately non-extant internet access,  a subject I've been poking at for a while now.  There's been a couple of things in the way - my aforementioned lousy connection (eat it, Skybeam) the many years since I've done anything more with a Beretta than looking at one through counter glass, and the perplexing difficulty of finding the correct markings and stamps for an M9 as opposed to a 92; no, Google, they are not the same, and no, dumbass, the hundred-dollar chunk of plastic you bought for your airsoft hobby is not Just Like the Real Thing (this is a complaint I will likely make many, many times - my apologies in advance).


My experience with the Beretta family is fairly limited.  Once upon a time when I was a teenager my father bought a 92 Inox with the intent of using it for his eventual CHL class.  It was a short-lived resident of the safe; neither of us had the gorilla fingers necessary to shoot one with any degree of accuracy, extra magazines were expensive, the thing was heavy, and the DA/SA operation was an annoying quirk to shooters more familiar with shooting a straight single-action autoloader.  The pistol lived with us for a couple of months, ate maybe two boxes of ammo, and failed to return home from the next Saxet show.  

Personally I'm not convinced the 92/M9 can do anything that a Glock can't do cheaper, lighter, and for half the price, but each their own.   

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