Remington 870 Police

Better than fifty years ago Remington introduced what was to become one of the predominant working shotguns of the 20th century.  Arriving in 1951, the Model 870 was of markedly simpler construction then most contemporary sporting shotguns and provided an economical alternative to Winchester's Model 12, than the reigning king of the shotgunning world which had successfully held the market against Remington's prior offering, the Model 31. 

Though downplayed at the time as a cheap and crude claimant to Winchester's throne, the 870 was already a reliably strong seller when the Model 12 was dropped from general production in 1963.  It has continued as such in the years since, surpassing the ten millionth sale in 2009. 

At present the 870 is offered in a number of variants.  Most common is the Express, a no-frills model (with a pseudo-parkerized finish guaranteed to rust before you get it home).  The Marine Magnum includes an electro-nickel finish for maritime environments.  In a more classical vein, the Wingmaster offers a higher quality in respect to fit, finish, and wooden furniture.  A model marketed for lawmen was introduced in 1994 - fairly late, given the presence of the 870 in law enforcement and government agencies almost since its introduction.

The specimen depicted here is widely regarded as the Cadillac of working guns.  Available in blued or parkerized finish (not the same as the Express) the 870 Police ships with 20-inch barrel and the option of a factory +2 magazine extension. 

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