About this blog, and what it does.

The idea behind Steel Carnival is simple; I am a gun nut - part of that vast, vast tribe of people who enjoy the acquiring, shooting, and general admiring of firearms.  In the big scheme of things I've been collecting since the age of three and shooting since roughly the age of seven.  My interests run the gamut from small military small arms to blackpowder and western shooting to the various and sundry accoutrements that go along with this hobby/pastime/crack habit. 

As I'm also a former college student/current broke job seeker, I find my collecting urge usually far exceeds my buying budget.  Hence, I draw.  As most of the things I draw are rooted in my ongoing projects elsewhere there's really no rhyme or reason as to what's on the block at any given time.  Some of them are specimens I own, some I wish I could own, and once in a great while I'll throw in something I'd like to build if I can ever leverage myself into gunsmithing school.

In among the illustrations I may throw in the odd word on things unrelated; my general dislike of zombies, their fanboys, and the genre conventions, my odd ventures to the range, my bitching about the public at large, the present state of country music, things I like, things I can't afford, and if it's a slow enough week (God help you) small fictional excerpts from the dead-end projects I pursue in hopes that one day I can trade printed words for shelter, munitions, and canned beans. 

But mostly I need a place to post pictures and I'm too cheap to buy a website.